Mobilize Your Food Offerings with Carts & Kiosks
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Written by Lance Redditt

June 11, 2020

People love food and they love going out to restaurants. But in a fast-paced world, it’s often necessary to adapt if you want to keep up. Especially in these times. Restaurants and other food service facilities are having to offer food and service in different ways. Like patio seating or by kiosk and cart.

Vollrath offers portable kiosks and carts to allow for you to serve your customers where they are. Many different kinds of food service establishments can use them. Such as restaurants, breweries, arenas, sports stadiums and more. 

There are many benefits to utilizing a cart or kiosk. More than just increasing your customer reach and brand. These portable carts allow for complete branding and design. And allow you to be mobile, of course. 

First the Kiosks

The most important feature of both kiosks and carts is that they’re mobile. Generally speaking, you’ll transport a kiosk to a festival or other event, assemble it there, and leave it in place. Because kiosks are modular, it’s quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble them. Even if you’re just moving the kiosk out to your patio. Either way they are a quick and easy tool to use to serve your customers in a non-traditional way.

Since a kiosk is larger than your typical cart, there’s more room to personalize a kiosk. Vollrath offers options to suit every style–you can choose a simple, elegant bar, an elaborate tent-style display system, and even vintage-inspired kiosks complete with awnings.

Again allowing you to completely customize the cart and add your branding. This is the best way to maintain your company branding. And staying loyal to your customers, both long-standing and new.

And the Carts!

A cart is like a kiosk, but even more mobile. Like any beverage cart, it can be easily moved through a large event or restaurant. Its main advantage is that it isn’t stationary, so you can get more exposure for your brand. 

Vollrath’s brewery carts vary in size and finish, with customized designs. Maybe even adding a canopy!

Benefits of Both

Both kiosks and carts provide a variety of ways to grow your business. Here are just a few:

  • Name and logo recognition–Prominently displaying your brewery logo to maintain your company branding and customer loyalty.
  • Recruiting new customers–Allow for the displaying your food and approaching the customers where they are, like a sidewalk or patio.
  • Expanding your reach–By operating both your main establishment and your mobile kiosk or cart, you can potentially bring in more revenue.
  • Reducing wait time–If you’re representing your food service establishment at an especially large event or an area that is not normally known to your customers, it may be worthwhile to have multiple kiosks (or a kiosk plus a cart). This can reduce customer wait time, which is likely to result in increased sales.

Where Can You Use Your Vollrath Kiosk or Cart?

Mobile food, like food trucks or carts, are gaining in popularity. Notably, even a craft beer kiosk recently opened at Denver International Airport. And provided you’re in an area where it’s legally allowed, you can open a kiosk in a mall–Iowa received its first mall-based craft beer kiosk in 2018.

In both of these instances, the kiosk largely stays stationary. But if you want to take full advantage of its mobility, you might want to consider taking it on the road to local and regional events. Festivals are a great place to start. You know the crowd is already made up of people who love food and drinks. And typically ready to try something new. Or excited to see their favorite restaurant food at their favorite event or festival!

A distinctive kiosk will draw attention, so be sure to stand out. Design and build your cart to match your branding, but with some flair.

Setting up a cart or kiosk at sporting events is another great way to gain exposure and provide your food offerings at another location. Many other popular food vendors have already started doing this, so don’t fall behind the curve.

How about setting up a cart in a hotel or casino? Of course, accomplishing this requires mutual agreements between the food vendor and the facility. But it’s another great way to gain exposure and diversify your offerings. And there is no better time than now to do it.

With a long list of locations that you can build and station a food cart or kiosk, the question is why not? 

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to expand your customer reach and bring in an additional revenue, a cart or kiosk is a worthy investment. Whether you hope to take your food offerings to multiple local events or set up shop in your nearest airport, or even on your own patio, the clear quality of Vollrath carts and kiosks will reflect positively on your business.

It’s time to reach your customers where they are and adapt. Don’t fall behind the trend! Give us a call so we can get you a completely customized cart from Vollrath!

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