Dispense Lids, Don’t Stack ‘Em
Person using a lid dispenser

Written by Lance Redditt

September 22, 2020

A customer walks to the drink counter at your convenience store, only to find a disaster of lids and straws everywhere. This seems to be a continued problem and a real turn-off for customers. But now, there is a solution! 

You just need the Lid Saver™ dispenser system. It will keep your counters clean and your customers happy.

The Dispenser

The Lid Saver™ is a smarter way to hold and dispense plastic lids for plastic cups. These dispensers sit on the counter next to a soda fountain or other drink fountain. When a consumer pulls on the tab, the dispenser grabs just one lid and pulls it out on the door. The customer can then grab it from the door and put it on their drink.

The spring at the back of the stack of lids pushes the next one to the door.When the door is closed, the dispenser will grab another lid using small clips on the door. It is then ready for the next customer to pull open and grab the lid. This process is repeated until the stack of lids in the dispenser run out.

This dispenser makes it easy for customers to get a lid for their drink. These systems are great for convenience stores, theatres, cafeterias or anywhere that has self service beverage dispensing.

Contact-less Dispensing

By offering only one lid at a time, a customer is easily able to grab a lid without taking multiple. Thus reducing the amount of times the lids are handled or touched by other people.

The lids are kept organized and sanitary when stacked in the dispenser. This prevents the lids from getting scattered all over the counter and floor. Thus keeping the lids cleaner and area around the drink fountain clean.

Save Money

Lid Saver™ can also help an establishment save money and time. Think of it this way. A customer grabs a lid from an ordinary stack. They grab two or three lids and the rest get scattered across the counter.

Now, an employee has to spend time cleaning up the area. And the lids are now a waste. They can’t be used now that they have touched the counter and floor. Which means more dollars to waste.

So, if you average that an employee spends 10 minutes a day cleaning up the area or restocking the lids. Which comes out to about 60 hours a year. If an employee is paid $8 an hour, that comes out to $486. And that doesn’t include the cost of lids that are thrown away. 

Essentially, you could save more than $486 a year with the Lid Saver™ system.


The Lid Saver™ can provide customers and owners convenience. It provides customers with convenience when they don’t have to struggle with a stack of lids. They can just pull the door open and grab the lid they want. Which keeps the flow of traffic moving smoothly.

The dispensing system allows for a variety of products. Some include contoured, flat, high dome specialty, gourmet coffee lids and more. This gives owners an opportunity to find the right dispensing system for whatever drink they offer.

The system even includes a labeling kit to provide lid identification on the dispenser. Once again, making it easier for customers to find what they need and keep traffic moving.

Lid Saver™ helps the customer find what they need and the establishment owner save money. It makes it easy for both parties to save time. All around convenience for everybody.


In addition to providing convenience, the dispensing system is also more hygienic than a normal stack of lids. It keeps the lids off a counter that may not be clean. Preventing the spread of germs from the counter to the lid to the customers drink.

The lids in the dispenser are also completely encapsulated. This means that the lids are protected from spills or splashes from other drinks. Keeping the lids sanitary and clean for the next customer.

Since it only dispenses one lid at a time, it keeps the rest of the lids in the stack clean. It keeps customers from touching and handling several lids all at once. Only to use one lid and throw the rest away or re-stack them. Allowing for germs to spread amongst the rest of the stack of lids.

Having the lids tucked away in the dispenser also provides for a cleaner, more organized counter. This fosters a more welcoming environment for customers.

Lid Saver™ dispenser provides a more hygienic and clean area to store lids for drinks.

These dispensers are a great option to keep your establishment clean and organized. To get more options or to learn more, contact us. We can help you!

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