Clean & Sanitize the Mobile Way
Mobile cleaning cart

Written by Lance Redditt

November 23, 2020

With changing regulations and restrictions on cleaning and sanitizing, it’s important to have a variety of solutions and options to fulfill said regulations. An option or solution for this is to have mobile cleaning carts or systems. 

These carts or systems, from Vollrath, can provide a lot of advantages to an establishment. They can make the whole process of cleaning faster and more efficient, without losing any extra steps or protocols. 

Mobile Cleaning Options

Carts and mobile cleaning systems provide establishments with a useful tool to keep the place clean and ready for patrons. Having the ability to move a cart that can clean and sanitize is a huge benefit.

With the carts on casters, it provides a convenience for establishments to clean on-the-go and quickly move from place to place. The carts are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing you to pick and go as needed. 

These mobile systems also save time and money for establishments. It allows for users to clean and sanitize all in one place. Saving time on processes for doing both cleaning and sanitizing.

These different mobile cleaning systems or carts provide the establishment with an additional solution to newer, more strict regulations on cleaning and sanitizing. And there are a few different systems to choose from!

Cleaning & Sanitation Station

The companion cart has all you need to clean, disinfect and sanitize, on-the-go! The mobile system allows you to clean and sanitize any surface. This includes floors, walls and other surfaces. The cart is easy to transport, making it easy for your staff to clean quickly and efficiently.


This cart is equipped with a battery powered water pump with a 15-gallon freshwater tank and grey water tank. It also has a 50-foot hose for direct water connection. It also has a spray wand with an adjustable flow rate.

A second option cart comes with a Hydra Rinse system. This system has a spray wand with a coiled hose connecting to Lexx liquid sanitizer. The Hyrda Rinse system on the cart really helps with sanitation.

Hand Washing Station

Need a solution for washing hands on-the-go? Maybe you’re planning an event or have moved some operations outdoors? The mobile hand washing station is your solution!

This station is mobile, on wheels, so you can move or cart it wherever you need it. The wheels also lock, allowing for it to be stationary.

It’s a safe and clean way to let patrons wash their hands without having to visit the bathroom. Or after they did visit it.


The mobile station is stainless steel and double-sided. Making it easy for more than one person to use it at one time. Equipped with two round sinks, two faucets, soap and towel dispensers, this station is ready to go! It also comes with an acrylic divider between the sinks to protect against unwanted germs and bacteria. The station has a 10-gallon fresh water tank and a 13-gallon waste water tank.

It has everything you need to be mobile!

Both of these mobile cleaning cart solutions can aid you in your operation, whether it’s inside or outside. In modern times it’s important to stay mobile and have the ability to adapt. You never know when regulations will change, or more restrictions and rules are put in place. 

Stay ahead of the game and new rules with the option to be mobile and clean on-the-go. We can assist you with getting a mobile system or provide advice on which system is best for you. Just give us a call or send us a message. We are here to help you and provide you with solutions.

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