New Name, Same Company & Values
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Written by Lance Redditt

January 18, 2019

Time For A New Look

After 70 years in business operating as Tom Redditt Sales Agency we decided our name gave our customers a narrowed view of who we are.  After many discussions we came to the conclusion that Tom Redditt Foodservice Solutions aptly captures who we are as a company. 

Evolution of Tom Redditt logos
Evolution of our logo

A More Suitable Name

We are far more than a sales agency and we truly endeavor to bring solutions to our stakeholders.  While we do in fact provide products our goals are to help solve problems, improve profitability, reduce liabilities, and ultimately improve customer experience.  These objectives extend far beyond a mere sales organization, hence the change from Sales Agency to Foodservice Solutions; however, we all felt a strong need to maintain ties with and honor our first and second generation leaders, my Grandad and Dad, Thomas L. Redditt Sr. and Jr.

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