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Vollrath Delivery Bags

Written by Lance Redditt

February 7, 2020

Offering food delivery makes a restaurant that much more appealing. Tackling the task of food delivery logistics, including dealing with particular customers, is one that most restaurants and foodservice operations choose not to take on. However, with the food transport and delivery bags from Vollrath®, this task can truly be tackled.

Bags That Go the Extra Mile

These bags are capable of managing all kinds of food transport and delivery requests, and that’s not an exaggeration. The Vollrath® bags are built with high-performance thermal insulation to maintain food temperature and quality. Preventing your perfectly crafted dishes from being ruined simply because it’s too cold or too hot. They keep warm foods from becoming cool and unpleasant and keep cold foods just that, cold. The bags have a moisture-resistant outer shell to prevent condensation, keeping that lasagna “just right.”

Not only do the bags keep the food at the right temperature, but they are also durable and built for any delivery type, by car, bike, foot or even scooter. Heavy-duty handles, straps and solid floor panels make the bag sturdy, yet easy to transport.

No need to sacrifice the taste, presentation, and temperature of the dish when using a Vollrath® delivery bag. Easily transport food with a delivery bag that gives your chef and delivery driver comfort that allows them to go the extra mile.

Wide Variety of Options

Vollrath Pizza Bags

To make it even easier and more appealing, Vollrath® offers the bags in a variety of options. Pizza bags have a moisture absorbent liner to keep that pizza fresh.

Also included in the line are catering bags and tower bags to carry larger orders. There are other options for bags depending on your needs. To see more options, check out this page.

Oh, and Safety

Safety and sanitation is always a concern for any foodservice establishment. Taking the food out of the establishment, such as food delivery, creates a higher concern for safety and sanitation. The consumption of food that isn’t at the correct temperature or sanitary can be extremely hazardous to human beings.

Steer clear of germs and illnesses of all kinds with the food transport and delivery bag. These bags conceal food defending them against all sorts of questionable external factors. Not to mention, they keep the food at the correct temperature, not just for taste but for safety too. The USDA has safe zones for food temperature that illustrate the importance of eating food at the right temperature. With a food delivery bag, this doesn’t have to be a concern.

USDA Food danger zone
USDA Danger Zone for Food Temperatures

No Excuses Now

Delight all of your customers with superior food delivery service with Vollrath® food transport and delivery bags. These bags can prove to customers that you genuinely care about them getting the food they expect and deserve.

If you want all of your customers to feel appreciated, then it can’t hurt to secure an abundance of these resilient and powerful bags. It shows the desire to simply relish food that’s of a better caliber without sacrifice.

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