Simple Protection: Acrylic and Glass Shields
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Written by Lance Redditt

August 26, 2020

In just a few short months, the simple transaction between customers and employees has changed a lot. Now there are restrictions and necessary measures that need to be taken to protect both customers and employees.

A simple way to provide that protection, especially when social distancing is not an option, is to use acrylic or glass guards and shields. These barriers provide some protection from breath and water droplets, should someone sneeze. Although not completely foolproof, the guards will allow for some comfort for both the customer and the employee.

The good news is that there are several different types and options of the guards. It all depends on what it’s needed for and how it will be used.

Breath Guard

These permanent acrylic or glass guards go on top of a buffet serving station. They have a guard that comes down on either side. This protects the food from the breath of the consumers as they pass through the line. 

Breath guards come in standard sizes, but can also be customized to fit your particular need.

Breath guard
Buffet Breath Guard

Although the intention is to protect against breath, they can also protect food from other contaminants. This could include droplets from a sneeze or tears droplets from watery eyes. 

Having the acrylic or glass between the customer and the food adds just one more layer of protection. For the food and for other consumers.

Mobile Acrylic

Mobile breath guard

There are a variety of mobile acrylic guards. But each guard has ¼” thick clear acrylic to protect customers and employees. The guards can be set on counter tops and other checkout areas to provide a barrier between people. Protecting them all from contaminated breath and droplets.

One variety is a bent mobile guard with acrylic bent down. Or you can get a flat guard. The flat guard can either be mobile or be mounted with steel posts.

A simple, yet easy way to provide another option of protection. The clear acrylic stills allows for interaction with the customer, but keeps both the customer and employee protected.

Safety Guards

Opposite to the mobile guards, are the fixed safety guards. Implied in the name, these guards are fixed or mounted to a counter top or other flat surface.

The guards come in multiple different sizes including custom. They can also be constructed from acrylic or glass depending on preference and use.

Safety Shields

A slightly different offering are the safety shields. Again made from acrylic or glass, these shields provide the same kind of protection. For both customers and employees.

Hanging shields are one option. These shields are hung on a small chain or other type of rope from the ceiling. Creating a hanging or suspended barrier. 

Hanging acrylic guard

Hanging shields provide for easier transactions as well. For example, hanging a shield at a cashier stand allows for customers to place their items on the counter under the shield and the cashier can scan the item. All the while the shield is between the two people, protecting them.

In addition to the hanging shields, there are also counter top shields. Still made from glass or acrylic, the stand up on the counter. For ease of transactions, a pass through window is an available option. 

Hanging and countertop shields come in standard sizes as well as custom. Both provide protection from breath and water droplets, thus once again protecting both parties.

Acrylic Dividers

Another solution for protection from germs and contaminants are acrylic dividers. There are a few different styles to choose from based on your needs.

Person sitting at table divided by acrylic
Tabletop Divider

A tabletop divider divides the table into sections. This provides an area for people to sit and eat or work but have a guard between them and the other person at the table. The dividers allow for multiple people to sit at the same table, but sectioned off and protecting them from germs.

Hinged guard

A hinged divider is another tabletop option. The dividers are hinged on the ends to provide support so the divider stands up. These can be placed on a desk or table to kind of surround the employee at their workstation. Providing them protection and the ability to move and adjust it as needed.

Similar to the tabletop hinged dividers are the floor standing dividers. The acrylic divider made of several panels hinged together allowing to move and bend it. Thus allowing it to stand up. 

An additional option is to set up acrylic dividers between tables. With winter just around the corner, this may be an option to increase indoor seating capacity without too much hassle.

Seating guards

Any of these divider options will provide your employees and customers protection from direct contaminants and germs. But still allow them to perform their job and assist the customer.

So Much Acrylic

There are many options for acrylic guards and shields and they can be customized and changed to fit your needs. Many of these offerings are easy to install and maintain to protect your employees and customers.

If you have questions or want more information, give your Tom Redditt Foodservice Solutions rep a call. We can help you get set up!

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