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Written by Lance Redditt

April 22, 2020

Of course you sanitize and clean your commercial kitchen all the time. Wiping down surfaces, cleaning the floor and emptying the trash are all a part of the daily ritual of operating a restaurant. Even with all the cleaning procedures and precautions taken, microbes can still live and grow on the surfaces that have food contact. Luckily, even these microbes can be combated with antimicrobial products, even utensils.

Surfaces Equal Bacteria Breeding Grounds

Surfaces in the kitchen come in contact with many different substances and foods. Items like counters and cutting boards that are re-used several times are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. 

While many measures are taken to clean and protect the surfaces, microbes can still thrive and exist. Integration and use of antimicrobial products can largely reduce the possibility of contamination. And they can help create and maintain cleaner surfaces to prevent additional foodborne illnesses.

What is Microbial Protection?

Vollrath ice cream scoop
Vollrath antimicrobial ice cream scoop

In simple terms, it’s an invisible layer of protection from bacteria. Many antimicrobial substances are added to products during the manufacturing process. It goes into the product, like a disher for example. This provides a long-lasting defense against the rapid growth of microbes and bacteria. Thus making it antimicrobial when it hits the shelves and ultimately in your kitchen. So be on the lookout for products that boast this technology as it will help your kitchens stay cleaner.

Antimicrobial substances can also be added after using mixes. Think of it as a thin, clear layer of paint or sealer. It goes on the product, versus in the product during manufacturing. It covers the metal and plastic with a thin layer of protectant. Protecting it from bacteria growth and contamination like mold.

Other benefits of antimicrobial protection include a variety of things. It can reduce the risk of cross-contamination by transferring fewer microbes. Products stay fresher longer with a reduced potential of orders or staining. Ultimately extending the life of the product itself.

A fully rounded solution, antimicrobial coatings and products will result in a cleaner and safer kitchen. For both customers and employees, alike.

Just How Does It Work

Antimicrobial layers or coatings work by inhibiting the growth of microbes. You may be asking, but how? It kills the organisms by damaging or destroying certain parts of the cells.

It can exert negative effects on proteins in cells thus damaging the energy production of the cell. Limiting its ability to continue to thrive and grow. Cell brain damage can also take place. Disrupting the membrane and causing nutrients to leak out and killing the microbe. Even DNA can take place. The antimicrobial substance will disrupt the DNA, preventing the microbe from duplicating.

All of these processes can take place. Thus resulting in the death and spread of microbes. Keeping your kitchen, equipment, and other surfaces clean. Even to the unseen microorganisms.

Importance of Using Antimicrobial Tools

With ever-increasing concerns surrounding food safety and health issues, it’s more important now than ever to keep a clean, sanitized kitchen. Using tools and equipment with antimicrobial coatings can give you a sense of peace. You know you are protecting your patrons and customers with one more simple step.

However, keep in mind that you can’t solely rely on technology. Do not let your guard down. Continue normal cleaning and sanitation practices as always.

Antimicrobial products help restaurants follow current industry regulations and procedures. In 2011, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was passed to reform food safety laws. This helped to ensure that food was transported and handled correctly to lessen the contamination, recalls and consumer infection.

Using antimicrobial products, such as these utensils from Vollrath, help restaurants follow the FSMA. They provide an extra layer of protection from contamination. Giving the restaurant operator more confidence in the food they serve.

Stop Microbes, Now

Now is the time to increase and maintain strict cleaning procedures in your establishment. Give your employees an extra sense of peace with antimicrobial products. A good starting place is swapping out utensils and we can help you get started!

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