Cleaning Your Convectional Commercial Oven
Commercial Oven

Written by Lance Redditt

April 13, 2021

Running and maintaining a commercial kitchen takes a lot of work. Most of the equipment, like the commercial convection oven, requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Without both maintenance and cleaning, the equipment won’t operate properly. While it may save you money on energy costs, you won’t be saving anything if it needs to be repaired because it wasn’t cleaned properly and regularly.

Cleaning the oven is more than just a simple wipe down. There is a process to it and it should be done on a schedule. That will ensure it keeps running smoothly.

Cleaning Process

To get started on cleaning the commercial oven, it’s best to create a process. One that everyone can follow with specific steps.

Step 1:

Make sure the oven is cool or not in use. This will prevent anyone from burning themselves when cleaning it.

Step 2:

Take out all the racks from the inside of the oven and wipe it down with a wet rag. Be sure to really clean around the fans to prevent buildup.

Step 3:

Clean the racks in your sink. Scrub them down and make sure to remove as much grease material as possible.

Step 4:

Once the inside of the oven is clean and the racks have been scrubbed clean, you can put the racks back in. Leave the door open to let it dry completely before using it again.

This process is simple, yet effective. It is simple enough for employees to follow and do on a daily basis because it doesn’t take too long to do. By following this process, your oven will stay clean and function properly.

Daily Cleaning

Try to avoid missing the daily cleaning of the oven just because it was a long day. Proper, regularly scheduled cleaning will keep your oven operating smoothly. It may seem like it’s not a big deal to skip a cleaning here or there, but it can result in the oven needing eventual repair. 

So create a cleaning plan for all the equipment in the kitchen, including the oven. It is recommended to clean the oven last so the doors can be left open to dry overnight. 

Three important areas to focus on when cleaning the oven include crumbs, the racks and interior walls. All of these areas are also mentioned above in our cleaning process. 

Pay attention to crumbs throughout the day. A buildup of crumbs can cause damage to the oven or even start a fire. It can also alter the taste of the food. Be sure to periodically clean out the crumbs throughout the day.

The oven racks will get covered in grease and grime during the day. So it is important to take them out and scrub them to get them clean and ready for the next day. Similar to the racks, the interior walls need to be cleaned and wiped down with a warm rag.

Focusing on these main areas and cleaning the oven on a daily basis will keep it in proper operating condition. The cleaning will help prevent damage and the need for repair, so don’t skip out on the daily cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the oven on a daily basis, you should clean it once a week. Unlike daily cleaning though, the weekly cleaning is for the exterior of the oven. The interior of the oven should be cleaned every day and the exterior should be cleaned every week.

Once a week, use some mild soap and soft brush to clean the exterior of the oven. Be sure to clean or scrub with the grain of the oven. Going against the grain can cause scratches in the metal. Make sure to also check the floors for any grease or grime to clean too. Prevent buildup around or on the oven to keep your kitchen clean.

Keeping a cleaning schedule for your commercial convection oven is important to keep it operating properly and at the most efficiency. However, it is important to keep your kitchen and restaurant clean in general. Don’t skip out on cleaning procedures and processes just so you can end the night a light earlier. It will end up costing you in the long run.

Continually clean your kitchen equipment and train your employees to do it right. You won’t regret it!

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